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Complete hair and make-up service prior to shoot
Complete hair and make-up service prior to shoot


Mireya Gonzalez


Mireya is a portrait photographer specialising in women of all ages, sizes, colours, beliefs and backgrounds. She also loves photographing their families. Mireya is a chocoholic, DIY Queen, animal lover and wannabe flamenco dancer.

For the past few years she has been photographing women and it thrills her to see the light in the eyes of each one of them when they see themselves through her camera.

She loves to see the transformation, from the outside to the inside. She believes that there is a direct connection between looking your best, looking beautiful, feeling amazing and loving who we are!

Seeing ourselves as beautiful women is empowering, it is fuel for life. She wants to make every woman feel this way. She knows what beautiful looks like and she can remind you of yours!