Mireya Gonzalez


My name is Mireya and I am an awarded portrait photographer.

My role as the photographer involves bringing out your inner strength through photography and transforming the way you perceive your own beauty.

I feel that is often overlooked that our wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, grey hairs are a sign of power, a sign of a journey lived through.

For women, being proud of these ‘flaws’ is defiant against the standards of beauty that have been held against us, I try to help you see this in yourself.

I work with women who have come to the end of a journey, women who are about to go on a journey and the ones who are still to find their own, in their personal and professional lives.

I work with women of power, like you, like me!

I thrive from the empowerment that can be achieved when women see themselves in a loving way. It transforms us and the people around us.

As well as photographing women, I love photographing their partners, families and friends, their businesses, events and celebrations.